Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Sweater Becomes New Cardigan

Old, purple, Banana Republic sweater

A few weeks ago on Pinterest, I saw a pin to make a 10-minute cardigan and then I saw it again this weekend.  Sunday night I told my boyfriend that I was going to clean my closet because I was creating an avalanche.  What he thought would take me thirty minutes, turned into an hour and a half project, but I found some old sweaters to reintroduce into my current wardrobe....by transforming them into cardigans.  

The 10-minute tutorial was very easy to follow and accurate.  I did not have 5/8" Heat n' Bond, so I used the roll I had and cut into 1/2" strips (close enough).  I used a zigzag stitch and sewed all the way up. (She said not to do this, but my thread was so dark that you couldn't see it anyway.  I will probably take her advice for the other sweaters.)  The material was very hard to sew and keep straight.  In the picture below, you can see that the sides are a bit wavy.  However, I didn't notice these imperfections when it was on and looked in the mirror.  

New cardigan

The cardigan took me longer than 10-minutes, not because of her directions, but because my thread was stale, kept breaking, and I had to re-thread my machine several times.  (Yes old thread gets stale and breaks easily and often.)  So, I do believe the cardigan would have been finished in the said time, if it wasn't for my thread.  I will be making more from the avalanche pile soon. 

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