Friday, May 18, 2012

Matrishka/Matryoshka note cards

When I saw these matryoshka thank you cards on Pinterest, I knew Baci would adore them.  She sends mail to her grandchildren and other family members on a regular basis and appreciates original and unique stationery.   Also, we both have a weakness for nesting dolls, so I knew they would be perfect for her.  The tutorial on Vintage Umbrella explains how to make these cute cards.

I used different card stock colors for the background (these were done on either emerald green or tan), complimentary scrapbook paper for the dress and babushka, white paper for the head, thin Crayola markers for the face and hair, scissors, mounting squares to attach the scrapbook paper to the card stock, and a black pen for the outlining.

Below are five separate cards; each one was made with three connecting dolls.  The three dolls fold into one another to fit inside the envelope.  

I also created other cards with one individual nesting doll. 

However many dolls you decide to join together, I'm sure your recipient will smile when he/she receives your handmade matrishka!

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