Monday, May 14, 2012

Felt matrishka/matryoshka ornament

Growing up, I'd play with my Baci's nesting doll collection for hours.  I enjoyed taking the wooden dolls apart and lining them up from largest to smallest.  We call them matrishkas in Polish, but many people call them matryoshkas or babushkas.

When I went to Poland and Ukraine a few years ago, I bought my grandparents a few matrishkas from each country to add to their collection, since so many were lost or broken from all the years of us grandchildren playing with them.

For my Dziadziu's 86th birthday, a made him a felt matryoshka doll ornament from a pattern I saw on pinterest. I changed the flower in the middle to a heart flower and used complimentary DMC floss for the stitching, as well as a brown satin ribbon to hang the doll. I made another doll with yellow felt and pink rick rack at the top to display her. 

This green and red matrishka/matryoshka (yes, I will use the Polish and Ukrainian/Russian forms of the word on this blog) took me about 3+ hours to make and it is only about 6" high.  She is so super cute and was well worth the time!  Dziadziu adored her too!

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