Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's onesie time!

It's onesie time!  Many of my friends and family members are having babies.  I created handmade onesies for the last two baby showers I was invited to - thanks to some inspiration from Pinterest here and here.

This is a great NO sewing machine project! Some of the sites sew the fabric on the sewing machine, but these onesies are adhered with Heat n' Bond and hand sewn with DMC floss.  They are strong enough to machine wash too.

onesies and scraps of fabric - which must be washed and dried first
Heat 'n Bond
DMC floss
buttons for eyes
bows (optional)
iron and ironing board   

For my niece I made a cupcake, butterfly, elephant, "B," and fish:

My friends and I made various water-themed animals for our friends who are having a baby in July. The baby-to-be will be born under the cancer sign, so we wanted to incorporate the water element into our creations.  We bought the onesies in various sizes so she can wear them throughout the year.

I added orange button eyes for the crab, a button fish eye, and a blue and white polka dot bow to the octopus.

These onesies were easy to design, inexpensive, original, and adorable! Happy onesie making!

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