Friday, June 1, 2012

Palm Tree Cross Stitch

It's the year of the handmade gifts by yours truly.  In one of Baci's recent letters she mentioned that she couldn't find any "nice" towels - thick, good-quality, durable - like they made in her day.  This was the perfect opportunity to practice my cross stitch and make her a "nice" tea towel.   I found a palm tree cross stitch pattern from my Mom's collection - circa 1988 - Leisure Arts: Funwear Waste Canvas for Kids by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer. This leaflet has patterns to embellish children's clothing, but the designs can be used for other things and tea towels for grandmothers.  Ms. Steinmeyer's pattern only shows the tree, but I added the sand because Baci loves to walk the beaches in Maine. 

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