Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yellow Block-of-the-Month Quilt

A few years ago now, more like six or seven, I took two block-of-the-month quilting classes with Linda Warren at Valley Fabrics: a batik and contemporary block-of-the-month.  Each month Linda would show you how to make one of the blocks.  Then you'd complete your block at home and come back to class the next month with your finished square and she'd teach you how to make the next one.  My mom, sister, and I did this for a whole year.  By the end of the year, I had twelve squares/quilt, which I turned into a fantastic king-size batik quilt and a gorgeous contemporary quilt.  Both quilts were wedding presents for my friends.

While were were taking the class, Linda suggested that we practice each month's technique/pattern on our own fabric, before attempting the new skill with the fabrics for class.  As you may have noticed, I am always giving my quilts away, but this time, I decided to turn the practice pieces and into a quilt for myself. 

I completed the quilt top years ago and had it quilted years ago by Elaine Huffman, but finally finished and bound it.  

This yellow block-of-the-month quilt is warm, cheery, and makes me smile. It's fitting that I finished it in sunny San Diego. 

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