Friday, July 27, 2012

Fire-breathing Toilet Paper Roll Dragons

Here's an easy and fun dragon craft you could make with your kiddos or students after reading a dragon story, like:

Raising Dragons by Jeredine Nolen
How to be Friends with a Dragon by Valeri Gorbachev
Goodnight, Dragons by Judith Roth
Good Night, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas
If I Had a Dragon by Tom and Amanda Ellery

I was inspired by the dragons I saw here.

For Fire-breathing Toilet Paper Roll Dragons You'll Need:

-toilet paper rolls
-green paint
-pom poms (4/dragon)
-self-adhesive googly eyes
-red and yellow crepe paper (cut into 6" pieces)
-Elmer's glue 

1. Paint the toilet paper roll green.  Let dry.
2. Glue 3-4 pieces of crepe paper inside the toilet paper roll.
3. Glue 2 pompoms on the top of the roll - above the crepe paper - to make the snout.
4. Attach the googly eyes to 2 more pompoms.
5. Glue the pompom eyes to the top back-end of the head. 

I tried making a fire-breathing dragon with a paper towel roll, but the snout looked too long, and the pompoms and eyes seemed out of proportion.  Perhaps the paper towel dragon would have been more successful if I used larger pompoms and eyes.

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