Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kielbasa Two Ways

Kielbasa Two Ways:
 Grilled and BBQ Kielbasa with Lazy Pierogi
First of all, a special thanks to our families for mailing us not one, but two kielbasas.  We decided to cook our kielbasas two different ways.

First, we boiled each kielbasa in a shallow frying pan for about 10 minutes/side.  Then we grilled one kielbasa on the gas grill. Notice the subtle grill marks on the upper kielbasa. The other we broiled in barbeque sauce.  Yes, we made bbq kielbasa - maybe not the most traditional Polish dish, but I have been making it for years.

During college I worked with a Polish woman named Amy, who made sweet and sour kielbasa in a crock pot for a pot lock dinner.  For many years I too cooked sweet and sour kielbasa with World Harbors Maui Mountain Hawaiian Style sweet n' sour sauce, but I couldn't always find it at the grocery store.  By this time my family was hooked on this appetizer so...I improvised.  I began using barbeque sauce and it worked!  In fact, any bbq sauce is delicious for bbq kielbasa.

For bbq kielbasa:
1. Boil your kielbasa for 10 minutes/side in a shallow frying pan.
2. Let cool then slice.
3. Place the slices into an oven-safe baking dish and cover with your favorite bbq sace (1 jar/ kielbasa).
4. Bake for about an hour at 350°F stirring halfway through.  During the last few minutes I broil the kielbasa to crisp and char the edges.

Give this contemporary Polish dish a try.  This is my go-to appetizer for family functions because everyone LOVES it.  I usually make 2-3 kielbasas and it all gets eaten.


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