Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rainbow Carrots in a Brown Sugar Butter

Our friends invited us to Albie's Beef Inn for New Year's Eve, a hidden jewel attached to a Travelodge. I know, it doesn't sound classy, but the food is delicious, the drinks are stiff, and the piano bar and crowd provide hours of entertainment.

At Albie's, I usually order prime rib with a stuffed baked potato and a sweet whole carrot.  This is my ode to Albie's; since we were not able to make the New Year's invite, I made their carrots in a brown sugar butter here at home.  Perhaps it's too simple to blog about; however, the rainbow carrots were colorful, so I thought I'd share. 

I peeled, washed, and boiled the organic rainbow carrots WHOLE.  When the carrots were fork-tender, about 15 minutes, I drained almost all of the water, leaving a few tablespoons of water in the pot with the carrots.  Then I added a tablespoon of butter, or so, and sprinkled in some brown sugar. I mixed the water, brown sugar, and butter in one section of the pot (away from the carrots so I wouldn't mash them) to form of sauce.  Finally I coated the carrots with the brown sugar butter. 

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  1. We LOVE Albie's what an old-school place. Thanks for your delicious take on the recipe!