Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pysanky Part 1

Today Dziadziu and I began working on our pysanky, or Polish Easter eggs.  To design our eggs, we carefully dip the head of a sewing pin into hot bee's wax.  We let the wax dry and harden.  In the upcoming days we will dye the eggs in various colors and then put the eggs into a warm oven to remove the wax.  Finally we will wipe the eggs with an old towel to remove any excess wax. 

Dziadziu has been making pysanky for decades and I have only dabbled in it for the past few years.  It is unclear if Dziadziu's mother - my great grandmother - learned this Easter tradition in her village in Poland or here in the US. 

The above photo shows Dziadziu's eggs from previous years. 

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